About Us

Mission Statement:

“Our Empowerment Starts With Real Estate”

The Real Estate Swagg network was established to Educate and Empower self-motivated individuals who are seeking more freedom, flexibility, and lifestyle options. We use real estate investing as the vehicle to financial independence because we understand that more money equals more options in life.

Through investor education, personal mentorship, and mindset-development we work to enhance the quality of life for anyone who chooses to become a member of our community.

Real Estate is time-tested and undisputed when it comes to creating financial security and wealth. Our network of community mentors will help you build the confidence it takes to really become successful as an investor.


The R.E.S Mindset Growth Initiative

Real Estate is the financial independence vehicle, but true empowerment only comes when you combine a “wealth mindset” with the vehicle.  There are tons of celebrities, entertainers, and athletes who have made Millions of Dollars only to lose it all due to the lack of financial intelligence and self-development.  We encourage our community members to read books, attend events, and network with people who will strengthen your mind and enhance your financial IQ.


Our Founder

Justin Pic for RE SwaggJustin Smith is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he received degrees in both Business and Psychology. He has over 10 years of experience in sales. In his previous roles he was a corporate sales executive for 2 Fortune 500 companies including T-Mobile and Verizon.

Currently, he is the owner of JES Capital Investments LLC which is a full service construction and investment company focused on urban development.