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WHY Mentorship?

  • Better Investment – Real Estate education is often less than one semester of college with a much higher potential for profit returns.
  • You Are Not Alone – I’ll teach you how to find the deals and then we work them together.
  • One-on-One Real-Time Interaction – you won’t get lost in a “group coaching” setting.
  • Leverage Experience– by working closely with a mentor all of your deals will be structured to give you the maximum profit returns.
  • Personalized approach allows for rapid learning.
  • Accountability – You now have someone to hold you accountable for results and taking action, no more unapplied education.
  • Save Time / Save Money – Most “would be” investors lose time and money because they didn’t have someone to guide them through the process of the deal.
  • Time to learn – This is not a “weekend bootcamp” or one-day seminar, you get 6 FULL months to learn and work with a mentor.


What You Receive:

  • 6 months of on-going mentorship from Justin Smith
  • (2) 30 Minute Phone Sessions Weekly
  • Direct cell phone access to Justin for questions
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Access to all my documents, lead generation resources, and buyers list
  • You can visit a current job site as many times as you like (within reason), to see the renovation and contractor engagement process first hand
  • Learn everything about investing first hand from an active, experienced, professional
  • You agree to a 70/30 split on your first two deals (70% you / 30% coach)


If you are serious about being a Real Estate Investor, then let’s get to work.  Learn from someone who is actually doing deals, not just selling the information!!!   (LIMITED Availability!)