Property Location Services

Your time is valuable.  We understand that.  And you’d rather be spending it with your family and friends doing the things you work so hard to enjoy.  Leverage our time, expertise and connections to find the property you want, where you want.

We can help you identify purchase criteria, locate properties, help evaluate renovation costs, cash requirements and returns, conduct the renovation, connect you with the appropriate lender, find a qualified tenant, provide a full range of management services and, when it’s time, offer it to one of our other investor clients.

You’ll be working with an experienced F/T real estate professional who is well-versed in the art of negotiations, has a firm grip on determining property values and knows how to perform fix-up/repair cost analysis.

No more wasting valuable time competing on deals that hundreds of other investors are looking at, too. We’ll streamline and simplify the process so you can get deals done and move on with business, life, or whatever you choose.

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Property Location Service

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Terms & Conditions:

Starting at $1000 Flat Fee for MLS properties found- REALTOR

Starting at $2500 for Sheriff Sales

*Wholesaled properties the fee will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
*A minimum of $5,000 must be held in an escrow account to be able to go to sheriff sales.
*Non refundable $2500 fee applicable to tax and sheriff sales services
*Must allow at least 90days to locate property. If unable to find a property within 90days client will be entitled to a full refund (applicable for tax and sheriff sale properties)