Laser Coaching Session

This is a very focused, No Fluff, one-on-one strategic coaching session with RES founder Justin Smith. You will receive first hand guidance and coaching from Justin in order to ensure your next Real Estate transaction is a success. You should come prepared with a specific deal or topic you want to discuss in order to maximize the session. This is NOT a “life coaching” or a motivational session so be prepared to discuss business.


How It Works:

  • Up to 75mins in length
  • Session conducted via telephone or skype (coach will decide)
  • One student or husband/wife team per session
  • We can discuss whatever you want during your session
  • Analyze a current Real Estate deal you have on the table
  • Wholesaling property strategies
  • How to fund your next Real Estate project
  • Seller lead generation techniques
  • How to reduce overhead and maximize profit on a rehab project
  • Marketing and script building

R.E.S Personal Advisor Program

Pursuing a part-time or full-time career as a Real Estate Investor can be exciting, scary, or somewhere in-between. The fact is you will come across buyers, sellers, properties, or situations that you may not be able to handle alone.

Even after completing one or maybe even several Real Estate training courses you still face some uncertainty. There is no course that can totally prepare you for all the potential scenarios you will come across as an investor.

Imagine having the expertise of an experienced, seasoned investor who has already been down that road and has made hundreds of thousands of dollars from Real Estate investing. Just imagine how much your confidence would grow with someone with that level of experience working with you and leading you through the “Real Estate Jungle”.

It’s all possible with the “Personal Advisor Program”! All calls and emails will be handled by Justin Smith


How It Works:

The “R.E.S Personal Advisor Program” is broken down into three key areas to offer you the maximize level of support.


Benefit #1: Unlimited E-Coaching Support

If you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time for a telephone or in-person coaching sessions, then e-coaching may be for you. There is no need to schedule in a session. When you are sitting at your computer, all you need to do is just type in your question then sit back and wait for your reply!

  • You can send unlimited questions via Email or Text message. I just ask that you only send one question at a time; this ensures we stay laser focused with the topic at hand.
  • All coaching responses will be uniquely written for you based on your questions or concerns; I don’t use “cut and paste” responses.  Response time will be 24-48hrs!


Benefit #2: Schedule Up to (3) Live Q&A Calls each month

Q&A calls are pre-scheduled appointments lasting between 15-20min. You can utilize these calls to discuss a current deal that you are working on or a general real estate investing topic that’s on your mind.


Benefit #3: 911 Emergency “Deal Hotline”

Real Estate deals can often be time sensitive and you don’t want to lose a quality deal because you hesitated to take action. However, you also never want to rush into a deal that could turn out to be a totally disaster. You can lose substantial amounts of time and money with one wrong decision.

  • Call the “Deal Hotline” at anytime, leave details about the deal and your coach will return your call quickly, usually the same day depending on time of the call.
  • You also have the option of having your coach speak directly with the seller on your behalf (70/30% deal split required, 30% to coach)


 $499 Monthly 


$1299 Quarterly (save $200)